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Bioengineering Center


 Anything Is Possible

Established in 1971, “Grape King Bioengineering Center” has recruited numerous domestic and foreign experts in the fields of microbiology and biochemistry, and has become one of the few companies that has launched a biotechnology business in Greater China. We combine academic research and industry knowledge in order to keep our professional lead in both technology and production, and further continue introducing competitive products to the market.

Clients can rely on our expertise for enlargement experiments on microbiological fermentation and manufacturing engineering, such as lactic-acid bacteria, edible/medical microorganisms, feeding bacillus subtilus, brewing yeasts, biological pesticides, and other bacteria.

“Grape King Bioengineering Center” has an advanced R&D center and manufacturing facilities, including fermentation tanks for small-scale test and 50-ton ones for large-scale production. We are one of the few companies that can offer comprehensive services from R&D, ingredient generation, manufacturing engineering, to quality control.

We believe advanced technology and professional devotion guarantee the customer’s trust.


We specialize in various biological fermentation ingredients, including forms of lactic-acid bacteria, soybean fermentation, fungus, and mushroom, which include Ganoderma, Antrodia Camphorata, Cordyceps, Agaricus, Yamabushitake (Hercium erinaceum), and Morels.

We are also the only manufacturer of anti-fungus biological pesticides, brewing yeasts, and feeding bacteria, licensed by the authorities concerned in Taiwan.

●Development and production
We can customize the ingredients to develop the products in different forms and maintain the marketing advantage.


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