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 Golden Come Best: Energy drink

Legally ratified domestic health food in China
As a functional drink, it contains various amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and 1000mg taurine. It provides a preventive and protective effect to the livers of individuals who work frequently with chemicals. It is also beneficial to those who get tired easily, especially owing to intense study, excessive use of brain, long-distance drive, before-and-after exercise, and overwork.

 Grape King’s Ling-Zhi-Wang mycelia capsule

Legally ratified domestic health food in China
Legally ratified health food in Taiwan (Ling-Zhi-Wang)
Grape King’s Ling-Zhi Wang capsule, developed by “Grape King Bioengineering Center” in Taiwan, contains pure frozen-dried extracts of superior Ganoderoma mycelia. The capsule includes plenty of polysaccharide, which assists the immune system, and is of great help to health care and recuperation.

 Grape King’s Intestinal Health compound granule

Legally ratified domestic health food in China
With lactic-acid bacteria selected from probiotic existing in human intestine, the granule contains 100 million live bacteria per gram. It can improve the gastrointestinal function and result in smooth excretory conditions.


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