Our Company

Shanghai Grape King Enterprises Corp. is a professional manufacturer of health food solely invested by Grape King Biotechnology Inc., Taiwan. Our base covers a total area of 113,332 square meters with the 100K- and 300K-level manufacturing environment certified by GMP. We guarantee superior quality for the various kinds of health food we produce.

Grape King Biotechnology Inc., Taiwan, registered as a public limited company with cGMP certification. We manufacture various kinds of functional and biotechnological health food which covers not only Taiwan and China, but also Japan and South East Asia markets, including Come Best, Ling-Zhi Wang (Ganoderma King), Chang-Zhi Wang, etc. Among those superior products, Ling-Zhi Wang is ranked the No.1 brand of “2006’s Health Food” magazine by the consumer survey at the Ling-Zhi category.

Shanghai Grape King Enterprises Corp. is supported by Grape King Biotechnology Inc., Taiwan in the aspects of manufacturing experience, advanced R&D in bioengineering technology, experienced management knowledge, and successful business models, which make us a trustworthy business partner of numerous multinational companies.

 Vision and Values

Our latest technology opens up limitless possibilities for the customers.

Our respect for life always reminds us to be most conscientious while producing finest quality goods for the customers.

Our solid development assures the trust of customers.


Our commitment is to become a trustworthy business partner for the clients. We insist on providing high quality products combined with excellent service and competitive pricing,as we believe this is the way to grow our business successfully.

Since globalization is the trend of the future, synchronous product development becomes the only key to success. Keeping “specialization” in mind, Shanghai Grape King Enterprises Corp. Targets itself as a professional health food that manufacturer in China region, endeavoring to develop health food that has globally homogeneous quality as well as being locally unique.

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